Created by Harrison Wyrick & Parker Davis

The boys travel to different regions of the world, meeting all sorts of different fish and experiences; from swimming in icy waters, to singing songs to lobster people, and tying shellfishes shoes, there’s nothing that the motley crew can’t handle when it comes to helping fish! The idea we’re trying to communicate with this show is one similar to Pee Wee’s Playhouse, we believe Adult Swim is the perfect place to house this as we would like to have the show be kid-friendly so that anyone can watch it, but have it be so strange that you couldn't imagine it being anywhere else but late night television. We don’t want it to be a parody in the way most adult puppetry/kids shows are, we would like it to just be really weird, not necessarily raunchy or gross.

A mostly water Earth, filled with aquatic life all across the globe! This makes navigation and travel hard unless you own a magical maroon submarine, which luckily for us our main characters do! With this world we teach viewers to appreciate animals, especially aquatic ones, all around the world. And not to be afraid of, or grossed out by, the ocean.

Captain Scientist Charles Wyrick

The Leader of the crew and Captain of the ship. He’s been fascinated with sea creatures all his life, and has therefore dedicated it to studying, rehabilitating, and serenading fish all across the globe! Optimistic, Orderly, Caring.

Ecologist Dan Daniel

He doesn’t add much to the crew besides moral support, but whenever the gang needs to know about a new and strange environment, or a musical accompaniment, he’s the man for the job! Laid back, calm, lazy.


The goofball of the crew, this puppet/sea creature always manages to screw things up, whether it’s getting lost, crashing the submarine, or eating all the ships supply of fruit. But he is always forgiven and loved regardless by the whole gang! Neurotic, Loud, Cowardly.

Episode 1

Morok is lost in Dinosaur World, and the Boys go out to find him but also get sidetracked along the way.

Episode 2

The boys are introduced to 2 new characters: The Princess of Sea Foam and Bingo the Beast, before getting trapped in a Car Wash with Creebis the Tentacle Monster and Morok!



Here's some excerpts from episode 1!!
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